Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates the championship with an 8 million Bugatti


The garage was already rich (he collected several Ferraris including the Tour de France, Rolls Royce, McLaren … but, how do you say? The more you have and the more you want. And could Cristiano Ronaldo miss the opportunity? And here the Juventus champion gave himself the gift for the championship he had just won: A Bugatti Centodieci, a crazy car named after the Bugatti EB110, produced in the early 90’s and built to pay tribute to the 110 years since Foundation of the company. Previewed in the former Bugatti factory in Campogalliano and then officially to the public during the Pebble Beach exhibition in August 2019, based on the Chiron (another car in Ronaldo’s garage). It weighs 20 kg less than the Chiron and the 8.0-liter W16 engine develops 100 horsepower more than the latter, for a total of 1 600 hp. The top speed electronically limited to 380 km / h. The 0-100 km / h is covered in 2 , 4 seconds, the 0-200 in 6.1 seconds el or 0-300 in 13.1 seconds.


The car was totally distorted both in the chassis and in the bodywork, with a wedge style. In general, the car has more squared lines than the Chiron, with various elements that recall the old EB110 such as the front with thin headlights and the typical horseshoe-shaped central air intake that is smaller, in the sides with the intake of 5-circle air positioned behind the windows that recall those of the EB 110 SS, fixed black wing with mechanical adjustment and LED headlights that recall the ventilation grille of the EB 110. The paint is available only in white. The rear of the engine compartment closed by a rear window instead of being open as in the Chiron, this required the creation of two NACA air intakes on the roof to cool the engine and the addition of air vents on the sides of the rear window and under the aileron, which also increase the downforce. The exhausts are twinned, have a vertical arrangement and are placed on the sides of a central diffuser. Laterally, in the lower part under the doors, there are air intakes that recall those of the EB110 with a black lower profile. The wheelbase has been shortened thanks to the integration of part of the gearbox inside the engine. The price of 8 million euros (except for customizations), with the production limited to 10 copies. It will be delivered to Ronaldo in 2021.


July 30, 2020 (change July 30, 2020 | 16:00)


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