The Belgian Prime Minister announced a series of health measures on Thursday, including the compulsory wearing of a mask in certain streets and the obligation for the owners of bars and restaurants to collect the contact details of their customers.

Like France, Belgium takes the risk of a resumption of the coronavirus epidemic seriously. Since Saturday, July 25, health measures have been reinforced: wearing a mask is now mandatory in all public places with a high concentration such as markets, certain pedestrianized or very busy shopping streets. It is also necessary to be masked to circulate in the bars and the restaurants of the flat country which are now required to note the coordinates of each customer to facilitate the tracing.


“It is obvious that the announcement of a tougher rule is a blow to our morale, but we would rather take action today than have regrets tomorrow.”, said Sophie Wilmès, the Belgian Prime Minister, during a press conference. For Eddy and Bob, seated in front of a beer in their neighborhood bistro in Brussels, the measures announced by the head of government had the effect of a cold shower.The only thing I think is that people’s privacy is being invaded more and more. We are already tracked by the phones. You don’t need to give your coordinates. “, loose Eddy. “It becomes rubbish. We can have a drink but if I want to go to the bathroom, I have to put on a mask, it becomes too much.”, Plague Bob.

We walk around with more masks than money in our pockets.Bob, resident of Brusselsto franceinfo

Raphaël, owner of a nearby bar, wonders. He did not receive any written instructions from the authorities. “I don’t have time to write down all the customer numbers. And then it’s a bit like playing the police, considers the trader. So I think I’ll set up a list at the entrance where people can write down their phone numbers when they come inside. But then we have to see if people will do it. “ Other restaurateurs plan to pick up their customers’ phones when ordering.


Bénédicte, crossed in the street, mask on her face, greets her, these new measures. “We have every interest in it going as quickly as possible so I think it’s going in the right direction “. In Belgium, violators of the law risk a 250 euros fine.

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