Huawei could finally be banned from French 5G in 2028


The Chinese giant Huawei is definitely no longer on the rise. After being banned from American, Australian and British soil, he could well disappear from the French landscape. It is not a boycott, but it is indeed a ban which does not speak its name against the telecoms giant. It is the French Agency for the Security of Information Systems which provides access for the 5G market to operators. Normally, these authorizations are for up to eight years. However, according to information from Reuters, the authorization granted to Huawei could go from three to five years and would not necessarily be renewed, details Arnauld Miguet, correspondent for France Televisions in China, in the 23 hours newspaper of franceinfo Thursday, July 23 .

Result: operators like SFR or Bouygues Télécom, which already use Chinese 5G technology, should be forced to change equipment. The Chinese authorities have not yet reacted, but they had indicated that if Europe wanted to deprive itself of its champion, there would be sanctions, concludes Arnauld Miguet.



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