anger of Airbus employees in Spain; eagerly awaited trial in Germany


In Spain, the anger of Airbus employees is mounting. They are protesting against the job cuts announced by the European aircraft manufacturer, ie some 1,600 jobs in the country. Unacceptable for these employees, who believe that the group wants to use the coronavirus crisis to get rid of hundreds of people. Airbus intends to cut 15,000 jobs in total worldwide.

In a long-awaited trial in Germany, the verdict is in. A 93-year-old guard at a Polish concentration center was sentenced to two years in prison for aiding and abetting murder. Between 1944 and 1945, at least 65,000 people, mostly Jews from the Baltic countries, were killed in this concentration camp.


In Bulgaria, the mobilization continues. For 15 days, they have been demonstrating to demand a real political change in the country and in particular denounce the corruption of the elites. Many young people figure in the demonstrations. “Those who lead us must follow the rules, accept them and fulfill their duties towards us”, one of them indignantly.


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