In Hungary, the independence of the press is threatened. The Index, the country’s main independent news media, does not hesitate to criticize the country’s authorities. Its editor has just been fired by the new owner. Reason given: an inability to extinguish internal conflicts. But this dismissal worries the profession. More and more journalists are accusing the nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orban, of undermining press freedom in order to gain favorable coverage.

A controversial statue in Greenland. On its rock, it overlooks Nuuk, the capital and represents a Danish missionary who participated in the colonization of the island. Tagged and soiled as part of the global protest launched by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, its presence divides residents. The population was invited to give their opinion. By a large majority, she voted to keep the building.


In Belgium, the drought worries. The first signs are already there and farmers are witnessing them. In some regions, in recent weeks, the lack of rain has weakened already ailing fields.