New world. A connected supermarket trolley


A connected trolley. A Dash Cart.
A connected trolley. A Dash Cart. (AFP)

For several years, commerce has been trying by all technological means to reinvent itself: checkouts without staff, connected departments, contactless payment, cashless stores, even. Here is the “Dash Cart”, a supermarket cart equipped with a touchscreen, cameras and various sensors that is supposed to make shopping easier for you. When you put an item inside, the barcode is automatically read by the camera. A bit like the zapettes that can already be found in some supermarkets, including in France.
What’s more is a scale that detects the weight of fruits and vegetables. All you have to do is enter the code for the apples or carrots, indicated on the shelf and put the bulk goods in the cart. There would also be an image recognition system by artificial intelligence to identify products, even if the bar code is not readable … And at the end, we do not need to queue at the checkout : we take a special line and your shopping is automatically debited from your account.

For starters, it’s only going to be found at a grocery store in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. This system is unlike the completely cashless stores, Amazon Go, already open in several cities across the United States, where you just grab the items off the shelves and walk away without worrying about anything. The connected trolley seems a little less advanced. In any case, it is part of all these innovations that we see in the field of distribution. We could also talk, for example, of the robot cart of the Wiigo brand, which has been in existence for a few years. A robot that automatically follows customers by carrying the shopping bag. A particularly useful system for people with reduced mobility.



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