VIDEO. 5G in the sights of green mayors


Pierre Hurmic, new EELV mayor of Bordeaux had promised it: as soon as he was elected, he took action and decided to question 5G, a mobile communication technology that promises download speeds at least ten times faster than 4G. Bordeaux has been the subject of an experiment for two years: antennas are flourishing in the city but the mayor wants to prohibit their deployment during a public debate. He argues: “Does everyone want to live tomorrow in an ultra-connected, ultra-monitored universe? I think it deserves to be posed in terms of debate and not to be imposed on the sly. “

The other argument against 5G lies in the doubts about the health consequences. The National Health Security Agency has not yet made a decision due to the lack of sufficient data. In Bordeaux, former mayor Nicolas Florian, now LR city councilor, defends the experiment and warns: the city will not turn its back on this technology of the future. “I remember twenty years ago, this debate on the installation of pylons on mobile telephony where already at the time the same explained to us that it should not be done. We realize now that everyone has their mobile phone, so on 5G it’s the same! It’s a factor of progress “, he concludes.


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