«The BMW organizes up Assetto Corsa Competizione the first Bmw Sim Media Challenge, a single brand championship in simulation among 10 teams of newspapers: you want to be a pilot of the Courier service?. ” I could not pull them back: so ok, here I am at the wheel for the first stage of the Challenge, in Monza. I work in Kunos Simulations, software house – very Italian: the head office is in Vallelunga – own creator of Assetto Corsa Competizione. We have races in the blood: thousands of hours of driving between training and racing, between the best simdrivers and real drivers. Challenge accepted. Here is the report.


Let’s start with the voice chat prepared by BMW Italia, which worked as a meeting place for the drivers. It is time for pre-tactics: there are those who ask for help on the setup because «they have never shot before», but also those who recommend an abundant load of fuel, hoping to mislead the consumption calculations of the other drivers … seriously: very well. Qualifying is not easy, but we still manage to get third place at the start.


Finishing touches in the setup, launch launched, go! We are already at over 240 km / h when we start to brake for the first variant, attacking the second position, while another Bmw comes from behind and buffers us by spinning us. We find ourselves fifth. Our car was damaged, the diffuser no longer generates the necessary downforce and the speed has lost 3-4 km / h: not a little, in Monza. But we launch into the attack of fourth place. A pretense before Lesmo 2 puts those who come before us under pressure. Quick exit from the Ascari, lunge to the Parabolic, overtaking: quarters. On the sixth lap, an excellent intersection of trajectory at the exit of the Parabolica gives us hope, but the straight that follows is long. It will take another five laps of pressure and overtaking attempts to take advantage of an error grabbing the podium.

It was a fair, exciting, spectacular race. Great satisfaction in seeing the involvement aroused by e-sport, in particular simracing: a world of pure enthusiasts offering top-level entertainment and professional opportunities, engineering training and sports driving, with serious and well-organized communities. Let me say it, with pride: Assetto Corsa Competizione is an Italian digital excellence in the world. This is confirmed by the recent international launch of the versions for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, published by 505 Games (editorial label of the Italian multinational Digital Bros).


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