According to American media, the online distribution giant sent a note to its employees telling them that they had to delete the application to be able to continue to access their emails from their phones.

Amazon sent “by mistake”, an email to its employees, asking them to remove the TikTok application, Friday July 10. “The email sent to some of our employees this morning was sent in error. There is no change in policy now regarding TikTok”, A spokesman for the online shopping giant said on the same day.


TikTok, popular with the youngest thanks to its dance and music videos, belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance and has nearly one billion users worldwide. According to American media, including the New york times and the Associated Press agency (articles in English), Amazon asked employees to remove this app if they wanted to be able to continue accessing email from their phones.

This email comes in a context of renewed tensions between China and the United States. The platform has often had to defend itself from its links with China, where its parent company has a similar application, under another name. She has always denied sharing data with the Chinese authorities and said that she did not intend to accept such requests.

US President Donald Trump has said he is studying the possibility of banning the app because of suspicion of spying on behalf of the Chinese government. In addition, TikTok announced the suspension of its application in Hong Kong due to the recent national security law imposed by China.



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