Many popular apps can no longer be opened on iOS devices. But it’s not Apple or the app developers who are to blame – it’s Facebook.

IOS devices are crashing in rows when users want to open popular apps like Spotify, Tiktok, Tinder or Pinterest. Apple and the app developers apparently can’t help it. The problem is probably with Facebook: “We are investigating an increase in errors in the iOS SDK that cause some apps to crash,” says Facebook on its developer page. The problem is also actively discussed on the Github developer platform.


The abbreviation SDK stands for “Software Development Kit”. Other developers can integrate these kits into their programs. With Facebook’s SDK they get access to valuable statistics and can better analyze the behavior of their users. In addition, numerous apps offer the option of using the SDK to log in to other services using their Facebook account. All apps that are currently crashing rely on the Facebook framework for iOS.

The SDK is handy for developers, but it also acts as a kind of bug for Facebook that most users don’t know about. In some cases, sensitive data is also transmitted by health apps. “As soon as the app is opened, data ends up on Facebook,” said Frederike Kaltheuner of Privacy International at SZ a year and a half ago.

Apparently, only a part of the users are affected by the current disruption. Spotify runs smoothly on many iOS devices of the SZ editorial team, it crashes on some iPhones. This coincides with the experiences that users portray on social media. Firewall apps like “Lockdown Apps” that prevent access to the Facebook SDK can help. However, the installation is relatively complex. For most users, it is advisable to simply wait a few hours for Facebook to fix the error.