The profile of & nbsp; Mark Zuckerberg & nbsp; on the Facebook application on a smartphone.
The profile of Mark Zuckerberg on the Facebook application on a smartphone. (SOPA IMAGES / LIGHTROCKET)

Mark Zuckerberg has computer programming in the blood and the rest in the ideas. Around the age of 10 or barely 12, the young geek had already created computer communication software for his family.

We are in New York around 1995. Mark Zuckerberg, son of a psychiatrist, Karen Kempner, and a dentist, Edward Zuckerberg, wants to help his father exchange documents with his collaborators and patients. This is how he developed ZuckNet, a network, or more precisely a written messaging service, by computer. ZuckNet allows Mr. Zuckerberg to communicate for his work and also, from his office, with his wife, three daughters and son.


It should be remembered that in 1995, individuals only started using the internet. ZuckNet is similar to what is now Facebook Messenger, which is instant messaging. However, ZuckNet will not withstand the advent of AOL Messenger, the first large Internet messaging service that Americans will use in droves.

The rest, we know it: Zuckerberg joined Harvard University in 2002 where he spent only two years, without obtaining a diploma. When he was a student, he first created Facemash, this kind of sexist site where students could rate the students based on their physique. Then, in 2004, he created TheFacebook, a Harvard student trombinoscope, which became Facebook in 2005. Finally, do you know why Facebook is blue? Simply because Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind and the color he sees best.



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