Even the AC Cobra goes electric


When it comes to re-editing cars with a sporty pedigree, the choice of electric is an increasingly popular solution. So the new edition of the AC Cobra, which many will remember with the nickname of Shelby Cobra, returns to new life thanks to the electric motorization.


But the British AC Cars plays the green card without sacrificing performance. Apparently, the car, which will be available from the end of the year, looks like the 1960s: the lines are unchanged. While the mechanical component to have been revolutionized. Instead of the Ford V8, the new AC Cobra now features an electric unit with 312 horsepower and 250 Nm of engine torque, which can reach 500 meters. A 54 kWh battery pack takes care of powering the system. Just enough to travel just over 200 km. As for performance, the only declared data is that of shooting from 0 to 100 km / h: 6.7 seconds.


Despite the transformation into an electric car, the car has maintained the same chassis specifications of the past, adapted to the minimum to accommodate the battery pack and the electric motor. The transformation did not compromise the overall weight of the car: 1,250 kg. The price exceeds 150,000 euros. Only 58 specimens will be made: how many years have passed since the first Cobra.

But for the adamant of the endothermic AC Cars has also launched the petrol version. Under the hood, a 2.3 supercharged Ford EcoBoost. The AC Cobra 140 Charter Edition has a capacity of 350 hp and 440 Nm and weighs 1100 kg. In this case, the price should be around 100,000 euros.


July 9, 2020 (change July 9, 2020 | 15:28)


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