The 180 migrants rescued at sea by the “Ocean Viking” have started to land in Sicily


Because of the coronavirus, these migrants should be placed in quarantine for at least two weeks on the ferry “Moby Zaza”, moored a hundred meters from the “Ocean Viking”.

Exhausted but finally arrived in Europe. After an eventful crossing from the North African coast, 180 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean by the humanitarian ship Ocean viking began landing in Sicily on Monday evening July 6 to be placed in quarantine.


In single file, surgical mask on the face and carrying their meager belongings in a backpack which had been given to them on their arrival on theOcean viking, migrants – mostly Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, North Africans or Eritreans who fled Libya began to leave the ambulance boat around 11:40 p.m. The people tested negative for coronavirus on Sunday by an Italian medical team were the first to be evacuated.

After nine days of blockage at sea, the Italian maritime authorities had authorized Sunday the ship of the NGO SOS Mediterranean to dock in the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle. The migrants’ journey is far from over, however: because of the coronavirus, they should be placed in quarantine for at least two weeks on the ferry Moby Zaza, moored a hundred meters from theOcean viking.

This huge white ferry has welcomed 200 other migrants rescued at sea by the humanitarian ship for two weeks Sea watch and placed in quarantine. Thirty of them, tested positive for coronavirus, will remain on board in isolation in a “red zone”, while 169 others were evacuated ashore Monday. The vessel was then disinfected.


The wait of the past few days to be allocated a port of disembarkation had aroused great tensions, with, in particular, physical threats to the SOS Mediterranean team emanating from a small group of North Africans. This had prompted the NGO to declare itself a state of emergency on Friday for the first time in its history. “The unnecessary delay of this landing put lives in danger”, explained SOS Mediterranean, deploring in particular the absence of “solidarity” European.

Resumption of activityOcean viking occurred in a context of strong recovery in crossings of the central Mediterranean. Italy fears that the largest contingent of humanitarian ships will arrive. The mayor of Porto Empedocle demanded Monday the dispatch of the army for “protect citizens”, deploring the arrival of migrants when Sicily, a poor province in the extreme south of Italy, suffered greatly from the confinement.



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