New world. The invention of the telephone was not as simple as a phone call


The inventor of the telephone & nbsp; Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922).
Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922). (HISTORICAL / CORBIS HISTORICAL)

Like everyone else, you probably think that the inventor of the phone is Alexander Graham Bell. This young Scottish immigrant naturalized American in the United States, specialist in the teaching of the voice to the mutes, is known to have invented, at the age of 29 years, a system allowing to transmit the voice by the electrical signals: the telephone . But, sometimes, great inventions take devious paths. And Graham Bell almost didn’t go down in history as the official father of this invention.

When he filed his patent, on February 14, 1876, at the same time, another American, Elisha Gray, also registered a patent for the same invention. It will follow 10 years of trial to find out who is the real inventor of this device that would change our lives.


That’s not all. Five years earlier, in 1871, a third figure, by the name of Antonio Meucci, had also filed a patent for the invention of the telephone. However, as he did not have enough money to extend it, his patent expired and this is what allowed Graham Bell and Elisah Gray to deposit theirs. Finally? Graham Bell passed into posterity because it turned out that his patent had been registered three hours before that of his competitor Elisha Gray. The authorship of this invention was almost overwhelming.

As for the mobile phone, we owe it to another American, Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola. It was he who created the very first “radiotelephone” on October 17, 1973, whose name was associated with the corresponding patent. Here again, however, the title of inventor almost escaped him. A competing company, Bell Labs, created by … Graham Bell, was also working on such a project. But this time, Bell got overtaken and Motorola filed the patent first.

The first laptop looked like a big brick, with a large antenna. He weighed almost 800 grams. It was released only 10 years later, in 1983, under the reference DynaTac 8000X at a price of around $ 4,000.



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