Espionage allegations against spied Radi – Digital journalists


The country’s police authorities are now investigating the investigative journalist Omar Radi, which is suspected to have been spied on by the Moroccan secret service. Radi doesn’t want to be intimidated.

Moroccan investigative journalist Omar Radi has been interrogated for hours for the second time in two weeks after international coverage of a suspected spying attack against him. Moroccan gossip media had reported in the previous weeks about payments that the journalist Radi is said to have received from abroad. The National Judicial Police Brigade (BNPJ) is now accusing Radi of espionage in connection with these payments. Radi is said to be under investigation on “suspicion of accepting funds from foreign sources related to intelligence groups.”


The 33-year-old was combative after the survey on Thursday. He called on the media and civil society to condemn the state and its repressive security apparatus. Within a year he was “attacked, arrested, sued, put in prison and slandered by the press” and all because he did his job as a journalist.

What is specifically accused of Radi is not known due to the ongoing proceedings. However, payments from abroad would not be unusual for the journalist. Radi is also for international media like BBC, al-Jazeera and Le Monde active and has repeatedly reported on corruption, land grabbing and the opaque links between the Moroccan royal court and the economy.

SZ and other international media reported about a suspected spy attack on Radis cell phone using the powerful spy software “Pegasus” from the Israeli IT company NSO Group about two weeks ago. According to its own statements, the agency only sells its services to state authorities to combat crime and terrorism. The Moroccan authorities are also said to have been customers of NSO. The country’s government has rejected the allegations.



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