A 5G antenna in China. (Illustration). & Nbsp;
A 5G antenna in China. (Drawing). (YU FANGPING / MAXPPP)
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While 5G must be deployed by the end of 2020 in France, several new environmental mayors of large cities, such as Bordeaux, are calling for a moratorium on this new technology. The Citizen Climate Convention has also mentioned this. They highlight energy consumption or health risks. On these points, the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) has not yet decided, due to the lack of scientific data, in particular because 5G is still little used in the world. ANSES must submit its final report in early 2021.

5G would kill birds and that would be proof of its harmfulness. You may have seen these images pass in Barcelona in Spain or in The Hague in the Netherlands where we see dozens of dead birds flying on the ground. In both cases, 5G has been accused because an antenna has just been installed next door, except that all of this is false. In Barcelona, ​​for example, authorities explained that the birds had been poisoned and in The Hague by the time the video was filmed, 5G had not yet been installed. So no, there is no evidence that 5G kills animals.

More recently, 5G has even been accused of accelerating the coronavirus epidemic. This rumor arose after the first cases in Wuhan in China where 5G is deployed in the city. This theory that the virus would spread over the air has been very popular on social networks except that it is entirely false. For example in France, 5G has not been deployed and there have been cases of Covid-19, the same in other countries which are not equipped and which have been badly affected, such as Iran. Conversely, South Korea is covered by this new network and has had relatively few patients. In other words, there is no link between 5G and the coronavirus.

This intoxication is linked to an order taken on March 26 to ensure the continuity of communication services, with the possibility of installing an antenna more quickly if necessary, during the state of health emergency. Arcep, the regulatory authority, ensures that this order has nothing to do with the deployment of 5G.



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