The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (Germany). Illustrative photo.
The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (Germany). Illustrative photo. (LEYLA VIDAL / MAXPPP)

Will Germany, who takes over the presidency of the European Union on Wednesday July 1, continue to maintain budgetary rigor, or will the crisis make Chancellor Angela Merkel more tender? This takeover of Europe was long overdue. This is called the “rotating” presidency: every six months, a country takes over at the head of the Council of the European Union (the Council of the Union is responsible for amending and adopting laws proposed by the European Commission). The urgency is to have the European recovery plan adopted: 750 billion euros proposed by Paris and Berlin. It remains to convince all the Member States to untie the purse strings. Nothing is won.

Berlin is now facing its responsibilities: either it remains adamant, “a penny is a penny”, and it is out of the question that the countries of northern Europe, presented as virtuous, give money to help the southern countries deemed to be spendthrift. Either Angela Merkel does everything to convince her northern counterparts to let go. This second option appears to be the most obvious, the German Chancellor having already taken a step in this direction by recalling that no country could overcome the crisis alone. A very clear call to pool financial efforts.


During a meeting with the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, Monday evening at Meseberg Castle north of Berlin, the German Chancellor made this promise: “We will not fail”. Of which act! Two days before Germany’s takeover of Europe for six months, the Franco-German couple were once again united and determined to do everything to get the Union out of the crisis. Next step: the European Council meeting on July 17-18. Angela Merkel will be at the perch. Either it goes, or it breaks.


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