The Tiktok logo on screens.
The Tiktok logo on screens. (ARNAUD JOURNOIS / MAXPPP)

Successor of Snapchat, then before him of Facebook, we are interested in the social network Tiktok, the new fashionable application for young people including children. An app that was particularly successful during confinement, with its short and musical videos. Our young interviewers of the day are familiar with the application, which they sometimes use. At the microphone of Franceinfo Junior, Léo and Noémie therefore ask their questions on the subject. They are pupils in CM2 at the Jean de la Fontaine school in Cosnes-et-Romain near Metz: why this success? Who is this application for? To answer their questions: Fabrice Epelboin, teacher at Sciences Po, specialist in new technologies. On this page, listen to the entire Franceinfo junior program of the day on Tiktok.



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