The environmental association awaits “details” on this moratorium, to find out in particular if it “will also concern e-commerce warehouses, as was the intention of citizens”.

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The government said Tuesday, June 29, in favor of a moratorium on commercial areas proposed by the Citizen Climate Convention. “At some point, you have to say stop”, said Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy. The Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Elisabeth Borne, has promised to “to put a big brake on the construction of the shopping centers which pushed these last decades out of town”.

“We believe in”, launched on franceinfo Alma Dufour, responsible production and consumption modes campaign for the Friends of the Earth association. “We are awaiting a freeze on the procedures pending, because the application of this moratorium in the law should not come too late for many projects”, she warns, recalling that there is “a principle of non-retroactivity in the law”.


Alma Dufour hopes the state will not allow “on the sly a lot of projects before the law passes” and assures that Friends of the Earth will “very vigilant about the projects that are being studied”. The head of the Friends of the Earth association quotes in particular the Amazon warehouse in Belfort, “but there are also a lot of shopping center projects under construction which will be authorized in the coming weeks”, she specifies. “The government will have to ask the prefects to freeze these instructions so that the law can have a real effect, a full effect.”, considers the environmental activist.

Alma Dufour assures that “we will save jobs by preventing large commercial areas on the outskirts and large e-commerce warehouses”. “The question of jobs is a very crucial question”, she underlines. “When we have a project, we will look at job creation, and there is rarely any in-depth analysis of the jobs it will destroy.” She talks about numbers “absolutely appalling” especially on e-commerce.

An Amazon or Alibaba warehouse will actually destroy twice as much, or even 2.5 times more jobs throughout France than it will directly create in a warehouse.Alma Dufour, Friends of the Earthat franceinfo


“So job preservation, continues Alma Dufour, it is not by adding the commercial and warehouse structures that will compete with each other. They are responsible for closing down small downtown businesses, which employ a lot more. “

Friends of the Earth therefore awaits “details” on this moratorium, to find out in particular if this “will also apply to e-commerce warehouses, as was the intention of the citizens”. The challenge of artificialization “also concerns warehouses”, insists Alma Dufour. It also underlines that the issue of overproduction of products, the fact of adding commercial equipment on axes or commercial equipment, generates “a situation where we are putting on the market more than 39 clothes per French inhabitant per year, therefore absolutely enormous quantities which harm the fight against climate change, says Alma Dufour.

The carbon footprint of our imports is already greater than the emissions that are emitted each year on the national territory.Alma Dufourat franceinfo


Alma Dufour “welcomes the fact that the government, that the president” argue “the regulatory limitation of hectares artificialized by local authorities” proposed by the Citizens’ Convention. “The reflection on the overproduction started by the freezing of all the commercial structures is a good step.” But Friends of the Earth believes that “the proposals are not yet sufficient to reduce France’s CO2 emissions by 65% ​​by 2030, as climate scientists demand “.


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