A chatbot is a robot that does not have a physical and material existence with which we will discuss to meet needs. They are there to respond to a user’s request via a conversation platform like Messenger, Skype, Telegram or even iMessage. “The goal is to make life easier for its users“, explains Marjolaine Grondin, co-founder of Jam.

Chatbots can be useful in several areas such as games, practical information, general knowledge, information or even the weather. “There can also be a bit of a tone, a way of saying (…) It is much more natural“, explains Marjolaine. According to her, the chatbot can be considered a”companion“, a “associate“with which we can discuss to meet needs. Paid or free, they will therefore create a dialogue and give the most relevant information to its user from a large database. They are based on intelligence level 1 artificial, which does not learn on its own.



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