Should we fear a second wave of coronavirus in France, after the appearance of new sources of contamination? In any case “the virus continues to circulate throughout the country“recalled, last June 18, thea general directorate of health ((DGS). And the risk of the Covid-19 epidemic returning, what about elsewhere? To answer it, let’s go directly to a hospital in New Delhi, to a center of infection in Berlin, to a high school in Jerusalem, to screening centers in Beijing and Rome, and to the skyscrapers of New York.

In Germany, aafter the appearance of an outbreak of Covid-19 contamination, discovered in the largest slaughterhouse in Europe, the government has decided to reconfigure 600 000 people. There is no obligation to stay at home, but travel is limited. For example, in the district of Neukölln, in Berlin, more than 500 inhabitants are in quarantine. These sources of contamination are all located in working-class neighborhoods, where low-income people live in precarious habitats.

The second wave is very present in China. Not a single case in two months, but it went away. The country has therefore decided to test as much as possible, as in the Gongti stadium, in the Dongcheng district, right in the center of Beijing. A screening operation for neighborhood residents has been underway for several days. Whether it is the discovery of a single positive case or an epidemic outbreak, the city immediately sets up a massive tracing and screening plan for its population. 2,300,000 Beijingers, or 10% of the capital’s population, have already been screened.

Second wave also in Israel, which had, however, absorbed the first wave well. It all started with a public high school in West Jerusalem, the first school in Israel to close its doors, after a teacher infected dozens of students and colleagues. Since then, dozens of other schools have closed in the country. Hundreds of new cases are registered every day.

The United States is still struggling with the first wave and the country is cut in half. There are those northeastern states, like New York, where the confinement lasted for months, was very strict, and where the virus is now contained. And there are those southern states, like Florida, or Texas, where the economy reopened weeks, even months ago. States, many of them conservative, where records of contamination are being broken. The balance sheet in the United States now exceeds 120 000 dead.

It’s still the first wave in India too and it’s getting worse every day: 15,000 new cases every day and in hospitals it’s getting complicated, like in New Delhi. The containment was however very strict until then and this made it possible to slow the spread of the virus. But since the resumption of activities around mid-May, infections have been faster, especially in the big cities. Bombay, New Delhi and Madras together account for half of the cases recorded in the country. In New Delhi, the number of cases is expected to multiply by nine in five weeks and hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed. The authorities have therefore started to requisition stadiums, hospitals and a huge hall which is usually used for large religious meetings.

Finally in Italy, it’s a bit like in France, the number of cases continues to decrease, but everyone is wondering about the result. Italian virologists have divergent opinions. In Veneto, the professor who succeeded in isolating one of the first homes is certain that there will be a second wave. Others claim that the virus is disappearing. But what do the Italians think? Many have refused serological tests. Of the 150 000 Italians who had to be tested, since May 4, only a third agreed.


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