Ursula von der Leyen promises to “advance the green impact and digitization” with the 750 billion euro envelope provided for in the plan.

“We have faced the hardest crisis of recent times. The numbers are catastrophic”, said Friday June 26 on France Inter Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, speaking about the coronavirus pandemic. “It is very important that all countries are behind the recovery plan” European, she insisted.


Negotiations are underway around an envelope of 750 billion euros, proposed by the Commission, to deal with the economic crisis linked to the coronavirus. “This recovery plan must have this historic scale. France and Germany, President Macron and Chancellor Merkel, have really taken a very, very clear position in favor of this recovery plan“, underlined the president of the Commission. But for the moment, the European countries are not unanimously behind this plan.

Four so-called countries “frugal” (Austria, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden) slow down the negotiations. this stage, “we manage to have a unity on the structure, there are still discussions on the figure and how to invest this money”, conceded Ursula von der Leyen.

We will put in place these investments backed by reforms, we will advance the green impact, digitization. When you invest that much money, it is important that it go with the modernization of the economy, to lay the foundations for future generations. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commissionat France Inter


“I think that before the summer holidays, we should find an agreement, time is short”, wished the President of the European Commission. A summit is scheduled for July 17 and 18. “This is the first face-to-face meeting of heads of state. For a 750 billion plan, it is difficult to discuss by videoconference, you have to see each other, discuss it”, says the president.

Asked about the non-compliance with budgetary orthodoxy by many European countries during this period of economic crisis, Ursula von der Leyen underlined that it is “important in the face of this deep crisis to lighten the rules and allow public investment, because there is practically no more private investment”. On the other hand, “when the economy is revived, we will reap the fruits of the investment. At that time we will restore the rules that organize our economies, so as not to jeopardize the future of our children”, promises the president.



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