New world. A biometric bank card to compete with mobile payment


Contactless payment illustration. & Nbsp;
Contactless payment illustration. (RICHARD BRUNEL / MAXPPP)

BNP-Paribas will propose in the fall, according to The Parisian, the first biometric bank card. In appearance, it will be a bank card like the others, except that it will also have a small sensor allowing you to place your finger in order to pay without using your secret code.

This card will allow you to make contactless payments without limits, like today, at 50 euros. The CB will thus become as secure as the mobile phone, with which each payment is secured by fingerprint or mandatory facial recognition.


Designed by Thalès, this biometric card, tested in particular in Switzerland and Lebanon, constitutes a real technological innovation. A small box will be given to each customer so that they can register their fingerprint the first time and activate the card.

This biometric card should allow banks to catch up on mobile payment by adding a layer of security. This should allow them to maintain the direct relationship with the customer, threatened by the rise of mobile payment. In addition to BNP-Paribas, other banking establishments should follow and also offer this biometric card.



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