On Twitter, La Quadrature du net challenged the police headquarters over images of drones seen during rallies in Paris. “We saw a drone fly over the demonstration against police violence yesterday. Can you confirm that it is not yours and that you respect the ban imposed by the Council of State?”, she says. On images from June 2, we see a drone during a rally with the Truth for Adama collective. On June 13, at another collective gathering, a Mediapart reporter also took a photo of a drone.

Who do they belong to then? At the police headquarters? The latter did not want to answer our questions. But the origin of one of the flying machines has been found. In early June, images were shared by the Truth for Adama collective. They were then filmed by a sympathizer of the movement, who confirmed. It was also he who filmed the images of June 13 at Place de la République. Is it legal? For civilians, it is prohibited. For the police, it is more complicated, but a decision of the Council of State changed things during confinement. However, there is no specific legal framework. The Interior Ministry says it complies with the decision of the Council of State.



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