New world. Artificial intelligence capable of generating meeting reports


Artificial intelligence and meeting report with the Smart Report program. Illustration photo
Artificial intelligence and meeting report with the Smart Report program. Illustrative photo (GETTY IMAGES)

The Smart Report solution, developed by Axys Consultants, uses voice recognition and sentimental analysis software components in order to carry out automatic syntheses of real meetings or videoconferencing. Aimed at businesses, it aims to save time on the production of reports.

franceinfo: can we say that your artificial intelligence solution is a kind of virtual session secretary?


Jean-Luc Marini, director of the AI ​​Lab at Axys Consultant : Yes, the objective of the Smart Report is to produce a meeting report with what is called a statement of information, decisions and action (RIDA) as well as a sentimental analysis. This can work in a meeting room equipped with microphones, but also in videoconference. The program transcribes everything that is said in text form. At the end of the meeting, the moderator receives three files: a full transcript of the exchanges, a written summary and the famous statement of action decision information.

How are aside or jokes that can be exchanged during a meeting treated?

We have foreseen this aspect and we use small keywords, like “joke” or “no record”, which allow, at a given moment, to make sure that a passage is not taken into account.


What is “sentimental analysis” also offered by your solution?

This is something quite interesting, especially for some of our clients who specialize in customer relations. The object of the game is to understand the state of mind of a speaker when, at a given moment, he is going to say such and such a sentence. If there is a peak in positivity or negativity, because an interlocutor changes his state of mind, we can very well visualize, on a curve, that something is problematic.

How is your solution different from what digital giants like Google or Microsoft offer?


Solutions from Google, Microsoft or IBM are solutions that aim to be general. The Axys system takes into account a specialized corpus in relation to the professional field. There is a specific training, we train models by integrating this or that jargon in particular.

What final profit can a company make with such a system?

A consultant will normally take about an hour and a half to write a summary and an RIDA, while it will take barely a quarter of an hour to correct what has been produced by Smart Report.



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