Trump’s re-election ads violate Hate Speech’s corporate policy, a company spokesman said. They were illustrated with a symbol that the Nazis had used in the Third Reich.

Facebook has deleted ads promoting Donald Trump’s re-election as President of the United States. This is reported by several US media, including CNN and the Washington Post. Accordingly, the social medium claims violations of the company’s internal hate speech policy. In the promotional posts, Trump’s campaign team had created a mood against Antifa and “dangerous mobs of the radical left” – the ads were illustrated with an upside down triangle. The geometric figure is outlined in black, the inner surface in red.


The Washington Post according to the Nazis in the 1930s forced communists, social democrats, liberals and other opposition figures to wear a very similar symbol. The emblem was later used for political prisoners in concentration camps. “Our terms of use prohibit the use of a symbol of a prohibited hate group to identify political prisoners without a context that condemns or discusses the symbol,” said Facebook spokesman Andy Stone CNN.

The image was seen in paid ads from Trump himself, Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump team. Faced with the criticism, the Trump team called on Thursday afternoon that the triangle would be used by Antifa itself. Despite this reason, the posts were later obviously deleted.

Social media is the primary platform for the US President to reach his supporters. Recently, however, Trump’s Twitter posts had already been given a warning. Among tweets in which Trump claimed without evidence that postal voting was an invitation to vote fraud was: “Get the facts about postal ballot papers here.” The US President then tightened the rules for social media by decree.



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