The Google Home connected speaker.
The Google Home connected speaker. (FRANK DUENZL / PICTURE ALLIANCE)

According to the French group Carrefour, this is the first time in the world that a distributor has teamed up with a digital giant to offer such a service. Developed jointly by Carrefour and Google, it allows you to shop for food via the Google Home voice assistant or the Google Home smartphone app. There is already a function that allows you to fill your shopping list as you go. Now, in addition, it will be possible to automatically switch to the Carrefour application to finalize the transaction and have your groceries delivered or pick them up on site via the Drive service.

According to Carrefour, this is the evolution of current e-commerce services. Grocery shopping online is already possible, but it is long and tedious because many products are bought. The vocal is supposed to simplify things by allowing you to write down your needs as you go.


The service also offers some technological refinements such as suggestions based on purchase history. For example, if you are used to buying organic products or certain brands in particular, but simply indicate “butter” or “yogurts” in the list, the application will offer butter or yoghurts that we used to buy. Each time, the products at the best prices will be offered, ensures Carrefour.

To use this service, however, you must agree to share your Carrefour purchase history with Google. Asked about the risks of profiling and exploitation of this data by the American giant, the large-scale distribution company ensures that the protection of privacy has been carefully taken into account. Thus, we can delete this purchase history sharing at any time. For its part, Google ensures that it has access to only part of the data, which does not allow to know everything that the French consume, or everything that Carrefour sells. Note that this service will not be available on the Alexa assistant because the latter belongs to Amazon, Carrefour’s competitor, but also for technical reasons