While Denmark has not escaped containment during the global health crisis linked to coronavirus Covid-19, elderly people living in retirement homes have experienced moments of freedom… thanks to the bicycle.

On an island south of the capital Copenhagen, which has held the title of “the friendliest city in the world for cyclists” since 2015, residents have an outdoor outing four to five times a week. And it is the caregivers who pedal with enthusiasm on these funny machines.

“All of our senses are on the alert. Here I feel free”

The schoolchildren of the village go out into the street to greet the elders comfortably installed in their red scooter. The small troop takes the direction of the forest to make a small gourmet stop. “It feels so good to go out. All of our senses are on the alert. Here I feel free”, says boarder Ole Hansen to the magazine “We Europeans” (replay).

“A walk like that does so much good. It’s green, everything is beautiful”, rejoices Maja Petersen enjoying a cupcake in the sun. Helge Storch, caregiver and member of the Ageless Bike Association, which has spread throughout Europe, confirms: “They shine, you can see it in their eyes, and are so happy, instead of staying all day in their room. Me, I will keep pedaling for them … until it’s my turn …”

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