The program should then be presented and activated. The last tests went well, according to Berlin. With the app, the infection chains should be better recognized.

The official federal corona warning app will be presented and activated on Tuesday. That learned the Southgerman newspaper on Sunday from government circles. At first, the German press agency reported on it. The last tests went well, it was said.


The app is intended to better identify the corona infection chains. Its purpose is to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus does not increase significantly again when it is loosened for public life.

According to further information, the app will be presented by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), representatives of the companies involved in the development, T-Systems and SAP, and Chancellor-in-Office Helge Braun (CDU).

Owners of a suitable smartphone can voluntarily decide whether they want to install the warning app or not. The app can also be deactivated or uninstalled later. The app uses the short-range radio Bluetooth to measure whether users of the app have come closer than approximately two meters over a period of 15 minutes or longer. In doing so, anonymized identification numbers are transmitted every two and a half to five minutes. The location of the encounter is not recorded.


If a user tests positive for Covid-19 and this information is shared in the app, the other users are informed that they have been in the vicinity of an infected person in the past. A multi-level data protection concept was implemented for the app. Federal data protection officer Ulrich Kelber praised it as a “data protection friendly solution”. Greens and leftists had also called for their own legal basis for the app to prevent discrimination in everyday business for people who do not want to use the app.