The group’s new game console is said to outdo modern gaming computers. The now presented white-black design with blue light accents looks futuristic – but fans have to wait for some important information.

If you wanted to know what the long-awaited Playstation 5 would look like, you would need a lot of patience: manufacturer Sony tortured its fans with the online presentation of the new generation of consoles for more than an hour with one game trailer after the next (more on the featured titles below) before finally showing pictures of the new console. Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, called it the “biggest generation change” the industry has seen.


The new design with a white, curved housing, black center and blue light accents looks much more playful than the most recent angular generations – and thus also acts as an alternative to the black cuboid design of the current Xbox Series X. Another new feature is that the Playstation 5 (PS5) comes in two versions: one with a 4k Bluray slot and one without, as a somewhat cheaper version for pure digital content. There are also some accessories, including headphones.

The game Grand Theft Auto V online is free

Many had hoped for detailed information on the start of sales and the price. But Sony did not comment on this. So far, it is only known that a fast SSD memory is installed, which is to transport data at up to 5.5 GB per second, as well as 16 gigabytes of RAM and an eight-core graphics unit with 3.5 GHz clock rate. In addition, the console is ray tracing-capable, a sophisticated technology to make light incidence and gradient more realistic. Sony claims that the console’s technology should be superior to modern gaming computers.

The company already presented the new controller in April, which will be launched on the market with the console. It bears the name DualSense and is also much more futuristic than the previous DualShock controllers: in plain white with blue light strips, the square, triangle, cross and circle buttons traditionally highlighted in four colors are only marked in light gray. The controller is said to offer better vibration feedback than its predecessors and has an integrated microphone and loudspeaker with a headphone jack. The internal battery can be charged via USB-C.


The new console is said to have an “expanded and improved” version of the classic game Grand Theft Auto V – announced for 2021. The online version of the game will be free for PS5 buyers, PS4 owners will receive game currency every month until then . Among the numerous other titles presented were Spiderman – Miles Morales, Horizons 2 – Forbidden West, Resident Evil 8, Hitman 3 and the 3D platformer Ratchet & Clank – Rift Apart. With the car racing simulator Gran Tourismo 7 and the basketball Game NBA 2K21 two sports games also come on the market. In addition, Demon’s Soul, a classic will be released as a remastered version for the PS5.