There are also ongoing costs for two hotlines. Call centers should help people in German, English and Turkish.

The development of the federal corona warning app by the software group SAP and Deutsche Telekom will cost around 20 million euros. That was announced on Thursday from government circles in Berlin. In addition, there are 2.5 to 3.5 million euros per month for the operation of two hotlines at Deutsche Telekom. There, users can get help installing the app and have a positive test result entered into the app over the phone. The infected receive an activation code from the call center.


The costs for software development are thus at the lower end of the order of magnitude forecast by the federal government in the amount of a “double-digit million amount.” When it comes to the cost of the call center, it must be taken into account that users should not end up in long queues. The company also wanted to provide the service not only in German, but also in English and Turkish.

The so-called tracing app is intended to help identify and track infection chains more easily and quickly. If a user tests positive and this status is recorded in the app, other users should be informed that they have been near an infected person. Government officials continued to say that the app is only a component in combating the pandemic and not a panacea. After the app is published, the application will be optimized and updated again and again in the coming weeks.



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