With the unprecedented health crisis linked to the Covid-19 coronavirus, world tourism has suffered an unprecedented halt. The global losses are estimated at one trillion euros, according to the World Tourism Organization. A particularly damaged sector is that of cruising.

With planet Earth at a standstill, they have also been dockside liners for months. And there are also these disastrous images of travelers in quarantine on these floating cities, like on the Diamond princess. In Europe, more than seven million travel each year to these seaside resorts.


A heavy impact on the environment

The magazine 1:15 p.m. Saturday ((Facebook, Twitter, #1:15 p.m.) boarded the Costa diadema to understand this craze for this type of holiday which generates twenty billion euros of economic spinoffs on the continent each year. This document, signed by Maxime Bénéteau and Fabien Lasserre, also analyzes its consequences on the environment.

The populations of large port cities such as Barcelona, ​​Venice or Marseille are confronted with this mass tourism which produces significant pollution. Faced with the protests of the inhabitants and a public opinion more and more sensitive to ecological questions, the cruise industry is starting to adapt …

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