After weeks of procrastination, StopCovid has been available on smartphones since Tuesday, June 2. To be effective against the disease, the application must be downloaded by a maximum of French, but the reception reserved for this new tool remains for the time being rather mixed. “For the moment, it doesn’t seem necessary to me, as long as the barrier gestures are respected, for me, it can wait“, says a young woman.

Whether or not to install the application, the debate is raging within a Parisian couple. Christophe Dubucq, cured of Covid-19 is for, Juanita Dubucq, she is against, and considers the application as a gadget that makes citizens less responsible. Adopted by Parliament a week ago, the application also raises the question of privacy. For a salesperson who wishes to use StopCovid as of Wednesday, the risk is measured and assumed. 45% of French people say they are ready to download it, according to Odoxa.

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