Since the death of George Floyd, the fake news multiplies


On the night of Sunday, June 30 to Monday, June 1, in Boston, police officers seem to be hitting the windshield of a patrol car stopped in the street. Protesters watch them do it. The man who films the scene by pointing his finger accuses the police of wanting to damage their own vehicle to make the demonstrators look like rioters. But another video comes to contradict this version of the facts. It was filmed earlier. The police car was assaulted by demonstrators who jumped on the hood, windshield and roof with both feet together. Once the thugs are gone, the police are actually trying to remove their destroyed windshield as best they can.

Another intoxication: Sunday May 31, at nightfall, two white police officers approach a black man seated on a public bench. They handcuff him, search his pockets, check his identity papers and, realizing their mistake, release him. Internet users who share the footage assure him: the man arrested is an FBI agent. Police in Rochester, Minnesota, gave their version of the facts in a press release. The video was filmed in June 2019, and police believed they had recognized a suspect wanted for assault. The man seated on the bench was of corresponding age and build. When looking at his papers, the police realized that they had made a mistake.



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