Vladimir Putin on his way to two new terms in Russia. The president announced a constitutional referendum for July 1 in order to be able to run for two additional terms. The reform has already been approved by Parliament. In particular, it excludes same-sex marriage.

A teenager kidnapped for 42 days in Belgium. A ransom of five million euros would have been demanded. The 13-year-old boy was released. His family is known for drug trafficking and the police are considering the drug trail without excluding the trail of terrorist financing.


The United Kingdom under the sun for three months. Over 600 hours of good weather, a spring without a drop of rain. It’s an all-time record since 1929 after the February floods.

Bulgaria pays homage to Christo. The artist has packed monuments all over the world. He had fled his country in 1957 to settle in Paris where he met his wife and always collaborator Jeanne-Claude, deceased in 2009. At 84 years old, Christo joined her, victim of a natural death. His latest project: to pack the Arc de Triomphe, which will be carried out by his collaborators in September.

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