The StopCovid application can (finally) be downloaded


StopCovid is available on Google Play and on the Apple application store, since this Tuesday evening.

The French application of “tracing” of contacts StopCovid is available for download from the Google Play app store and from the Apple app store on Tuesday, June 2.

StopCovid must allow its users to be warned if they have recently encountered another user contaminated with coronavirus, within a meter and for more than 15 minutes. Availability was initially expected around noon, but, according to the editor from the specialized Next Inpact site, a delay occurred due to “ramp-up tests” (verification of the resistance of the application in the face of an increase in connections) around noon. Consequently, another application, the application of the Catalan government Stop Covid 19 CAT, found itself at the top of downloads in France, according to a classification established by the specialized company AppAnnie.

The download of StopCovid is free and is done on a voluntary basis only. During its installation, it is necessary to activate Bluetooth, the GPS data, to authorize the detection function of the application, explains BFMTV. This makes it possible to identify people in the vicinity having the application and to receive a notification in the event of passage near a person who has declared themselves to be carrying the Covid-19, over the last 14 days.

Three tabs are available on the application. “Protect” to activate StopCovid without giving its name, “Declare me” to indicate that you are carrying the virus after a laboratory test or after a doctor, and “share” to suggest that others download the application, support BFMTV.


The application is criticized by computer experts and lawyers, who see it as a first step towards a surveillance society where our actions and gestures would be continuously monitored by automatic systems. The government claims that it was the only way to prevent potentially contaminated people.



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