New world. StopCovid, how to install it?


The StopCovid application on a smartphone. Illustrative photo.
The StopCovid application on a smartphone. Illustrative photo. (JOEL SAGET / AFP)

To install Stopcovid on your smartphone, a prior reminder: the StopCovid application is not mandatory. That said, to install it, if you want, it’s simple, just go to the App Store, if you have an iPhone, or the Google Play Store, from Tuesday, June 2 at noon , if you have an Android smartphone and search for: StopCovid. Be careful not to confuse it with other applications that may have similar names.

Then, no need for a username and password. The application is very simple. We start it and stop it whenever we want. When launched, it works in the background. It is then able to automatically detect any other smartphone, containing the same application, with which we would be in contact within one meter for more than 15 minutes.

Subsequently, if you test positive for coronavirus, you will then be asked to report it in the application. For this, you will need a special code which will be sent by the medical authorities, in order to avoid false declarations. People who have passed you in the previous 14 days will then receive a notification to let them know that there is a risk of contamination. However, they will not know it is coming from you.

To be truly effective, the StopCovid application would have to be used by enough people, that is, installed and activated on as many smartphones as possible. On this point, the figures differ. Ideally, we are talking about 60 to 70%. But, according to Secretary of State for Digital C├ędric O, a percentage of 10%, in a defined geographical area like a city, would already be significant. Remember that this application is not intended to detect 100% of contamination and that it is only an additional tool to combat the spread of the epidemic.

A weak point: the application will work less well in an environment where there are only iPhone because on the Apple smartphone, which is better protected against external intervention, the Bluetooth turns off when the phone is in standby . However, it can be “woken up” if an Android smartphone, with the StopCovid app activated, comes through.

Finally, remember that this application is intended for French nationals. The other countries, including European ones, having developed their own applications.


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