Detox. No, mortality figures were not overstated


Have the coronavirus lethality figures been inflated? Under the title, ” Coronavirus Everything Was Wrong – Panic Aboard The Media Ship Lying “, an excerpt from an LCI show recently posted on YouTube has already garnered more than 800,000 views, and tens of thousands of Facebook shares. We see a journalist there explaining how discourse has evolved over the course of the epidemic, in particular on the lethality of the virus.

A month ago, the WHO estimated the fatality rate of the virus at 3.5% (…) But today, in the light of the latest studies, the estimate has nothing to do with it: after the Institut Pasteur, this rate would actually be only 0.53%.

While the WHO and the Institut Pasteur have advanced figures of 3.5% and 0.53% respectively, they are not comparable. At the start of the epidemic, WHO calculated the number of Covid-19 deaths worldwide, compared to the number of people tested positive, thereby inducing significant lethality since only the patients detected and generally followed up with the hospital were taken into account.

In France, on the other hand, The Pasteur Institute divided the number of coronavirus deaths by the number of people who would have had the disease, even asymptomatically. These are two different methods, used at different times during the epidemic. We cannot therefore use these figures to say: “everything was wrong,” says a researcher from the Institut Pasteur in Detox. “These estimates will change further.”

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