VIDEO. Sweden. In the studio of a fashion designer who dresses female pastors who don’t hesitate to be “glamorous”


In Sweden, women represent four out of ten pastors. And soon, most of them will be in this northern European country champion in terms of parity. Little by little, they imposed a dose of femininity in their profession by even having their own stylist.

That day, a female pastor went for a fitting in the studio of Maria Sjöding, a fashion designer who creates and sells clothes all over the world for this clientele. “Do you have a jacket that I can try on?” asked Petra Carlsonn, pastor of the church in Sweden for eighteen years.


“In the past, there was an obligation not to suggest anything sexual or provocative”

The stylist offers a model to this professor of theology, married and mother of two, who does not hesitate to take care of her appearance: “It is really beautiful… If I wore it with a skirt, I would be really glamorous”she said, looking at herself in the mirror at the bottom of the workshop.

“In the old days, there was an obligation not to suggest anything sexual or provocative. We, the pastors, could not express much with our clothes, but that has evolved a lot, and largely thanks to you “, explains Petra to the magazine “We Europeans” (replay).

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