This “solidarity march” aims to demand the regularization of people in an irregular situation and a review of French migration policy.

A demonstration for the regularization of undocumented migrants, with several thousand people, was held in Paris, Saturday, May 30, despite the ban on theat the police headquarters (PP). At the call of 195 organizations, the procession – which brought together 5,500 people according to the PP -, left at the beginning of the afternoon from the places of the Opera and the Madeleine, before reaching the square in a calm of the Republic, from where the participants were dispersed at the end of the day.


The police had tried, using tear gas, to prevent the departure of the parade, arguing “health risks” in the context of a gathering of more than 10 people. According to the PP, 92 people were arrested.

The call for this “march of solidarity”, to request the regularization of undocumented migrants and a review of French migration policy, was relayed by nearly 210 organizations and 300 personalities, according to a text posted on social networks.

“For these populations, the current health crisis is becoming a veritable health bomb”, say the organizers of the march, who had announced a demonstration “with masks and physical distance”. Other rallies were also planned in France.