Commission validates 750 billion euro recovery plan


Never in the history of the European Union has so much money been put on the table. A week after the proposal from France and Germany for a recovery plan of 500 billion euros, the European Commission said, Wednesday, May 27, validate and strengthen this plan, for an amount climbing to 750 billion d ‘euros. This plan will take the form of 500 billion in grants that Member States will not have to repay and 250 billion in loans.

The fact remains that the 27 must still find an agreement on this recovery plan, that is to say that it will be necessary to convince the “frugal” countries which do not wish to pay for everyone: Sweden, Austria, the Denmark and the Netherlands. “The negotiations promise to be tense. This plan must then be adopted by national parliaments before entering into force, as Germany and France hope, on January 1, 2021“, explains journalist Laurent Desbonnets, from Berlin (Germany).


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