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With the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, European countries want to amplify and improve the monitoring of infected people. A debate took place a few days ago in the European parliament, and it will take place next week in France, which highlights a system different from most other European countries.


The medicine of the future in Estonia?

In the far north of Europe, Estonia has 1.3 million inhabitants. The country was part of the Soviet bloc even thirty years ago and it has already gone very far in the filing of patients. Estonians are encouraged, and they do so willingly, to entrust all their personal health data to the state. The ambition is to have enough information to anticipate any health problems that may arise. The Estonian government even wants to export its model.
A report by Jérôme Tournier and Yaël Goujon.

Ayden Tajahmady, deputy director of studies, strategy and statistics of the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam). UCould such a system see the light of day in France and with what consequences?

Véronique Trillet-Lenoir, oncologist, MEP LREM-Renaissance. The StopCovid application, planned in France, plans to store the data in a central server, while other European countries prefer storage in mobile phones. Are these two approaches compatible to deal with epidemics, while guaranteeing individual freedoms?


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