Damien Carême was the guest of franceinfo Sunday, November 10. & Nbsp;
Damien Carême was the guest of Franceinfo Sunday November 10. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

“There is a lack of European solidarity”, is alarmed this Thursday, May 21 on franceinfo Damien Carême, EELV MEP and former mayor of Grande-Synthe (Nord). The UN has urged the European Union to find an agreement to land 160 migrants rescued off Malta and stranded in the Mediterranean. “The virus is no excuse for doing nothing”, launches Europe Ecology-The Greens MEP. “Frankly, we could save these people and put them in quarantine until they see if they have the virus or not, so this is a false excuse”, he believes. “We repress today outside all international conventions in Malta, we repress everywhere”, he laments.

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Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel presented this week a common strategy for a European recovery plan at 500 billion euros. A map “insufficient” according to Damien Carême. “We had put 4 000 billion practically to save the banks in 2008, we could well put 5 000 billion to save the health, the climate”, he judges. It indicates that “Parliament adopted a resolution of 2,000 billion euros with five political groups and with ‘eco-conditionality’ of aid, that is to say that we do not help companies which will not be virtuous in terms of that we do not help companies that are in tax havens and that distribute dividends to their shareholders. “

At the national level, Damien Carême, calls for “to finish” with the limit of 100 kilometers in the context of deconfinement and very limited access to certain beaches, considering that “the 100 km limit does not make sense as such”. “You have to keep a minimum distance because the fear and the risk are still there, but I don’t see why 100 km or 200 km will change things”, he believes. For Damien Carême, “it goes a bit far, especially since the ads are telescoping” : “We are told ‘be careful, don’t go on vacation’ and a week later, ‘book your vacation’ because behind it is the tourism and hotel economy which has risen to the niche ‘, he judges. “The message is scrambled, but it has been for a long time”, he regrets.

Damien Carême is also demanding tougher fines for throwing masks on public roads. It is “said okay” with Éric Pauget, deputy Les Républicains des Alpes-Maritimes, who proposed a fine of 300 euros. He judges these gestures “unthinkable” : “We know that these masks [mettent] 400 and 450 years for [être] deteriorated because inside there is polycarbonate, so it’s catastrophic “, deplores the Europe Ecology-Greens MEP. He compares this environmental problem with that “plastic bags” : “There are billions of masks that will be thrown into the environment, we will have a new environmental scourge”, he is alarmed. “If people do not have the civility, the civic sense to throw the mask in a trash can or put it in your pocket to throw it at home when you arrive, I think that there, really, it is necessary to crack down”, claims Damien Carême.


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