Jordan Bardella, RN vice-president, on franceinfo Wednesday January 8.
Jordan Bardella, RN vice-president, on franceinfo Wednesday January 8. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Jordan Bardella was the guest of Franceinfo, Friday May 22. The MEP, vice-president of the National Gathering, returned to the organization of the second round of municipal elections, the factory closings project at Renault and the recovery plan proposed by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Municipal: the RN requires that “each voter be given a surgical mask”

The Prime Minister Édouard Philippe must confirm Friday, May 22 if the date of June 28 is finally retained for the second round of municipal elections. Guest of Franceinfo, the vice-president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella judges that he is “too early” to rule.

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He explains that his party “required several things” if June 28 was confirmed: “every voter” will have to be handed “a surgical mask at the entrance to the polling station with pliers, as is done in other countries to enter food businesses”, all those who will devote themselves, commit themselves to supervise the polling stations, whether they are the presidents of the offices, the assessors, the delegates “ will have to be equipped “an FFP2 mask renewable every four hours” and “hydroalcoholic gel [devra être installé] on entry or exit “ polling stations.

Renault: “We must not have taboos to nationalize”

The Renault group must detail at the end of May a drastic savings plan of two billion euros. If sites were closed it would be “a new industrial fiasco for the government”, judges the vice-president of the National Rally. He particularly regrets that the government is not asking for a job retention commitment. In his view, the commitment of the State is “still relatively light”. Jordan Bardella believes than “If the business is going to disappear and behind it threatens an industrial flagship and jobs, there should be no taboo to nationalize”.

Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron will “of course” return to the voters

“Obviously, this government will have to be accountable” because in the Covid-19 pandemic, “he almost failed”Says Jordan Bardella. Before him, the president of RN Marine Le Pen had called on the President of the Republic to return to the voters because his party no longer has an absolute majority in the National Assembly after the constitution of a ninth political group in the hemicycle .

“Faced with the flaws of the state, the town halls had to fend for themselves. The departments, the regions, the players in the field had to manage by themselves, order masks themselves”, denounces Jordan Bardella.We are facing people who have lied to us. We can always excuse and justify a political error, but never the fact of having lied “.

“It is very naive who thinks that Europe grants in a burst of generosity a check for 500 billion”

The vice-president of the National Rally and MEP does not believe in the “European solidarity”, especially because this recovery plan is not European in his eyes since “it is the initiative of two heads of state” and that several Eastern European countries have already said no.

Is very naive the one who thinks that the European Union grants in a burst of generosity a check of 500 billion euros, Mock Jordan Bardella. “These 500 billion euros, which are backed by the budget of the European Union, will not be loans reimbursed by the beneficiaries”, he explains. “So that means that they will be borne by those who contribute the most to the EU budget, so that means that the French and the Germans, to be very clear, will have to pay with counterparts that will be very heavy, as has been the case in the past “.

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