MEP EELV, guest of Franceinfo, Tuesday, May 19, asks to raise the bar even higher “to be able to raise my head and be proud to be European”.

The Franco-German recovery plan of 500 billion euros is “a significant step forward, but it is four times less than what the European Parliament demands”, stressed this Tuesday May 19 on franceinfo Karima Delli, EELV MEP, president of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee. “Let’s raise the bar so that we can raise our heads and be proud to be Europeans”, emphasizes the one that requires more brotherhood. Karima Delli insists that “this loan is not guaranteed because the snake must still be swallowed by the other members”.

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franceinfo. Is this Franco-German stimulus package going in the right direction for you?

Karima Delli. It is a notable step forward. But we can still talk about a missed opportunity since you reminded it, it is a loan of 500 billion euros, it is four times less than what the European Parliament claims, which put this on the table last week. And if we want to be really ambitious, we ecologists ask for nearly 3,750 billion.

I also think that the reimbursement conditions are absolutely not clear. And today, we can see that there is a difference between the announcement and the implementation. Who will reimburse? When and for whom? They say that we are going to help states that are highly indebted, but they will have to reimburse. So by what means? Are we going to go back on austerity policies which unfortunately made these countries turn against Europe?

In this case, what is proposed is a mechanism based on a form of solidarity, not everyone would receive the same aid, but that all the states would repay this aid together. Is this an evolution?

It is a change especially of Mrs Merkel, who made important compromises. But it may be in her own interests. Germany is there to support the political and economic cohesion of her country first of all, because she knows very well that, precisely, she needs it. The second thing is that this loan is not guaranteed because it is still necessary to swallow the snake to the other members, in particular the “selfish” members as we call the Austrians and the Dutch, who want to answer first to their national populations and resist the proposal by Mr. Macron and Ms. Merkel.

As we saw in the beginning of this crisis, the European Union was marked by divisions and lack of solidarity. As Jacques Delors says, the States which do all this pose a mortal danger to the European Union and we therefore risk the end of the European project. We ecologists are pro-Europeans, we absolutely have to be up to the challenge. Coming out of the two world wars, the European Union recovered by the will and political courage of women and men who made ambitious choices. So let’s go! Let’s raise the bar so that we can raise our heads and be proud to be Europeans.

We have the feeling that the federalists, those who claim more solidarity, see in this crisis arguments which plead in their favor, and that on the other hand, nationalists who say it is the return of the borders of the State which protects within its borders. Does that mean that everyone is camping on their positions?

No. I think that today is high time that the pro-Europeans be heard. We saw it with the Covid-19, when countries realize that no country will do it alone. It is high time to show that Europe has only one vision: European solidarity. I would add what Victor Hugo said, what is missing from the European project is European fraternity. In the coming months, this fraternity will have to be redesigned because it has failed and I in no way want the European project to miss this new page, which should precisely reconcile the peoples.


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