It is a product which, with the Covid-19, has taken on new importance in the lives of a large number of inhabitants of the planet. To the point of being at the center of a global intoxication.

A Facebook post warns: Warning! If you forget your hydroalcoholic gel in your car parked in the sun, it can catch fire, and even explode. Internet users who share this message by the thousands want a photo showing a car door burnt from the inside, as if the flames had left the glove compartment. The photo was taken in Brazil but we can now find it in Tunisia as well as in France.

Yet the likelihood of a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel catching fire without spark and flame in a car is almost nil. According to their technical data sheets, the self-ignition temperature of these gels varies between 400 and 450 degrees Celsius. As for ethanol, their main flammable component, it varies between 363 and 425 ° C. Unbeatable temperatures in the interior of a car, even when parked in direct sunlight, say the French chemical company and CNRS researcher Guillaume Dayma. According to him, this could only happen in the highly improbable hypothesis where ” a glass of glasses, for example, would have a magnifying glass effect on the bottle

There is therefore no reason why the heat of summer should make you give up taking an alcoholic gel in the car with you.

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