For MEP EELV, guest of Franceinfo, Monday, May 18, this plan is however “far below what should be done”.

The stimulus plan of 500 billion euros proposed Monday, May 18 by Emmanuel Macron and Angel Merkel to face the economic impact in Europe of the new coronavirus “is not up to par”, reacted Monday May 18 on Franceinfo the European deputy EELV David Cormand. MEP notes a “first symbolic step in terms of volume” but who is “far below what should be done”. “This first step is that there would be shared debt which would not be reimbursed directly by the States which would benefit from it, but by all 27”, underlines David Cormand. But he estimates that 500 billion euros, “it’s nothing”, compared to “the fall in GDP on the territory of the Union” who is from “at least 1,000 billion”. “If we want to make both resilience and an ecological transition plan for our economy, it is rather 5,000 billion that we must talk about.”

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David Cormand refutes the idea that in Europe there would be “the ants and the cicadas. It suggests that there would be foolish spenders and good managers”. He cites the example of the Netherlands, “a tax haven which benefits from their membership of the European Union, and makes tax dumping. They welcome companies to their territory so that they pay less tax, including European companies, while they benefit from ‘to be in the European market’. MEP suggests telling these countries, “It is not cheese and dessert. You cannot at the same time benefit from this first world economy which is Europe to make fiscal dumping to collect receipts, and to say, when it is a question of being united , there is not anybody”. He asks Europe to “harden the tone”.

David Cormand also noted that Angela Merkel spoke of “moment of changeover at European Union level”. According to him, “either we remain in the individualist status quo, or we move to true solidarity”. “We are at the very beginning of what should be done if we want the Union to be truly the weapon of transition that we need for the world of tomorrow”, hammers the MEP.


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