The World Health Organization recognizes artemisia annua as a remedy for coronavirusThis is the title of an article reproduced identically on several Guinean news sites which has totaled thousands of shares, in particular on Facebook pages of French-speaking Africa.

It would be a real ” victory For the President of Madagascar, who for several weeks has been promoting a drink he presents as a remedy for Covid-19: covid-Organics. If its recipe is secret, we know that it contains artemisia, or sagebrush, a plant that has long been part of the traditional pharmacopoeia in Madagascar.

Problem: Contrary to what these sites suggest, the WHO did not recognize that sagebrush was treating the Covid-19. On the contrary, the World Health Organization recently announced that despite its support for traditional medicine, it should be based on ” scientific evidence ” Artemisia would be a ” probable treatment But tests must be carried out to determine its effectiveness, insists the WHO.

Ditto in Madagascar, where the Academy of Medicine has estimated that this drink ” is not a medicine but an improved traditional remedy ” In France, the national drug agency, hit the nail on the head, writing about artemisia that ” beyond the risk of ineffectiveness, the use of this type of self-medication can present a health hazard. “

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