Football is resuming its rights in Germany this weekend. Coronavirus obliges, everything will be played behind closed doors and drastic measures have been taken.

In Germany, the long-awaited Saturday, May 16 resumption of the football season, which ended on March 8. Since then, the Bundesliga has made every effort to succeed in its bet, despite the ever-present threat of the virus, starting by decreeing a closed session. The German championship is the first of the major European championships to restart, while in Belgium and France the season is over prematurely.

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In Dortmund, Uli will watch the derby against Schalke on television, a necessary evil for this longtime supporter. “VSis a big disaster, but we’ll see what it looks like on TV. If the quality of the match will be as good, which I don’t believe. “

For the players it will be a problem, for me too, but there is no other alternative. Uli, a supporter of Dortmundat franceinfo

Locking up in stadiums is not the only drastic measure the Bundesliga has decreed. Tare repeated, strict rules in stadiums, even in the daily life of players and their coaches. SOn the field, the players will be exempted from masks, but all those who do not play will have to wear one, behind the scenes of the stadium as far as the bench.

UA set of measures never seen, but rather well accepted by Dortmund coach Lucien Favre. “This situation is a huge challenge, for all the coaches and all the teams, we know it, but it is our job, he says. I’m going to wear a mask over the sidelines, it’s not a big deal. Obviously it would be better without it. “

Clubs will not force their players to participate in matches if they do not feel safe, Schalke coach David Wagner reminded him this week: “VSeveryone knows they can open up and talk about it. It is human and normal, even in case of refusal to play, the player will be welcome and will continue to be part of the team, even if for the moment, he does not want to train or play. “

In Dortmund, coffee shops are open, but with sanitary measures to respect. On the Place du Vieux Marché, where nearly 800 supporters usually gather on match nights, the owner of a busy restaurant will have to be content to welcome 50 people, but he remains a philosopher: “You know, we are trying to adapt and do what is possible, according to reality. When we saw that the pandemic was receding, we were happy, but today it is a mixture between a certain joy and respect that we must keep in relation to this situation. “

In this very popular place in Dortmund, the terraces may have been deployed, there will not be room for everyone. LThe challenge will also be to avoid rallies near the match, as the Bundesliga has left it to the police to manage the area around the stadiums.