should partial unemployment be stopped?


For the past two months, the five employees of a company located in Verrières-le-Buisson (Essonne) have only come to work on very rare occasions. They are part-time unemployed and 100% supported by the state. But in June the device will change, and Philippe Schaeffer, the manager of the company, will again have to pay them part of their remuneration but it is impossible according to him: “In our profession we work mainly in the world of exhibitions in international fairs (… we think of a recovery in January”).

Most European countries have used short-time working to mitigate the effects of the crisis, but not always in the same way. “In France, people at partial unemployment, receive 84% of their net salary. It’s even 100% for those with minimum wage. In Germany, it is 60% of the net salary, for a single person without children (…) If the system is more generous in France, it is because the ceiling for this allowance reaches in France 4,847 euros ”, explains the journalist Jean-Paul Chapel on the set of the 20 Hours.

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